Make the celebrations more perfect with Printed Cakes

Delectable dense Printed cake with Image

Missing out the most important element of any party? , Yes Cake it is. We often go to parties and we always set our eyes on Cake. Besides the extra creamy, rich and sumptuous flavored cake its decoration and presentation are also very important. It is the first thing that tempts you and makes you feel awestruck.

Beautiful and Unique Cake decoration is an indispensable part of any party. Printed cake with an image is the most trending design, we often see new designs but the printed cake is the most sought after design.

Choose Printed cake image over theme design because

  • Printed cakes look great and especially kids are fond of the cakes with their favorite cartoon characters printed on them.
  • Printed cakes look more personalized whereas the theme based looks great if the entire party is based on that theme.

Cakes always connect

printed cake imageKids are fond of printed cake with image and feel delighted to have such well-decorated cakes at their parties. Add a touch of “love and personalization “with a printed cake image of anniversary couples. Cherish those beautiful time spent together with a printed cake.

Printed image cakes look amazing with a message as an image. There are uncountable ideas to create excellent cakes. Let people talk about cake.

Ambrosial yet safe

The Cake image is mainly made up of edible frosting sheets, these sheets are 100% safe and free from any kind of allergens and kosher. There are varieties of sheets in the market, some go for shimmery sheet, has a sparkling background. Some go for 3D sheets as well that gives a 3D effect to the images. The frosting sheets are available in all the different sizes and shapes. To prepare printed cake image, the picture is printed on the frosting sheet on one side and the sheet has peel off backing that easily stick to the creamy top of the cake. The inks used for printing images are palatable and are 100 %safe and healthy and FDA approved.

Design your own Cake

We have so many designs and it’s only limited to your imagination. Gets the lip-smacking cake with exquisite printed cake image designs that arrive fresh and secured with a good protective case at your doorstep? We are happy to add more flavors and pomp and show to your party through our delectable creations. We have cake toppers for every occasion, choose any cake and get well decorated and fresh cake delivered at your party.