Personalized birthday cake topper

Divine Birthday Cakes with Personalized birthday cake topper

How to make birthday cake special? Birthday cake is the most beautiful gift or part of the birthday. The moment a birthday cake arrives in front of you, the eyes shines with the hope of a fabulous looking cake. Believe or not, it happens with most of the people. A personalized birthday cake topper can do this with ease. Make the cake look just like you, “Fantastic”.

Cake toppers are creating much pomp and show at the parties, they make a simple cake look extraordinary. Cake toppers come in varieties of shapes, sizes, quotes or statues which are beyond your imagination. You name it and we have it.

Add personality to your cake

Personalized birthday cake topper

A cake topper adds more than style, It adds the personality. Get your personality depicted on your cake through a cake topper design. Let your favorite quote, design or your statue be a cake topper. If you love photography then a camera as a cake topper will be a perfect match for you. Birthday cake looks magical and truly exquisite well designed and thoughtful cake toppers. 





Choose your best and leave Rest

We understand and value birthday celebrations and expectations for a made to order the cake. Choose from your favorite cartoon to your own caricature. A lot of things can be made as a cake topper. Kids love to have doremon, tinker bell or their favorite sport as a cake topper. This makes them fond of more cakes. With a rich velvety texture, our cakes come in fascinating flavors. Bring a million dollar smile on your kiddo face or someone you love with a beautiful well-decorated cake in front of them.

Healthy and Safe to Eat

The personalized birthday cake topper is made up of palatable, 100% edible flour and inks. The flour is set into a mold or prepared by in-house chefs with a lot of experience. The ability to mount cake toppers on a cake is the real task and our chef does it like a pro. The entire team works in a clean and healthy environment assuring the right taste and maintained quality. The cake inks and material used for cake toppers are FDA approved and free from kosher or any kind of allergens.

Make the most of the birthday celebrations with a beautifully personalized birthday cake topper mounted over layered and delicious cake.