Why Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper Is An Ideal Choice For Your Little Champs Birthday?

Why Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper Is An Ideal Choice For Your Little Champs Birthday?

Birthday celebrations are special for almost all age groups. But when it is your kid’s birthday, the excitement is at the peak level. Kid’s birthdays are full of pomp and show with busting of balloons, delicious food, and decorations. But what tops the priority list is an ideal birthday cake.

So if it is your little champ’s birthday, gift him a cake with a Shopkins birthday cake topper. Your little boy will jump out of joy on seeing the glimpse of the nicely decorated cake with the topper on it. Shopkins cake toppers are very vibrant and full of lovely colors. The cake with the topper will all set the charm of the special event, and even minor decorations can be compromised with.

Further Shopkins is a popular toy and merchandise brand and no doubt your little one and his friends would be having a toy from that brand. It will take the excitement to the further level when each munchkin shares the stories of the toys.

The cake topper looks radiant and vibrant and has a lustrous look. It serves as a real eye-candy. Not only the kiddos but almost everyone would be gleaming and love to take a bite of the cake.

Edible prints on the cake have years of experience in manufacturing edible cake toppers. One can find a variety of toppers keeping your eyes hooked. But what leaves a lasting impression is the Shopkin’s birthday cake topper.

Best facets of Shopkins birthday cake topper?

• Leaves a lasting impression: The shopkins birthday cake topper makes any occasion and especially birthdays a gala event. It is filled with velvety shimmering and vibrant colors and tots that reflect on lighting. The cakes with Shopkins topper serves as an ideal delicacy and looks appetizing.

• Safe and edible to consume: The shopkins cake topper is absolutely edible and safe to consume. The topper is made with edible ink and crafted on a frosting sheet which is free from Kosher and allergen. The topper is further certified safe by the FDA. So you can remain to rest assured against any allergic reaction on your body.

• Easy to apply on cakes: The Shopkin cake topper and almost all cake toppers from EPOC are easy to apply. Since it is crafted on a frosting sheet, all you need to do is peel off the sheet at the baking and lay it gently on a freshly frosted cake. But the cake should not be refrigerated else misty dews will form upon it.

• Amazing taste: The topper looks not only great but also tastes delectable. The flavors and aroma of the cake along with the topper simply melt in the mouth and tickles everyone’s taste buds at the party.

• Personalization: We all know how emotional the moment becomes when you quote some warm messages on your gifts. EPOC provides you with the opportunity to express your hearty wishes for your kid quoted on the cake. All you need to do is visit our site online and mention whatever you want as a quote.


Surprise your lovable little champ on his birthday. Do not forget to order the Shopkins birthday cake topper to decorate on your baked or frosted cake. Your naughty little darling would love the theme and praise you with tons of kisses.

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