What Makes Minecraft Cupcake Toppers An Ideal Choice For Your Kiddos Birthday?

What Makes Minecraft Cupcake Toppers An Ideal Choice For Your Kiddos Birthday?

Birthdays are always special no matter what age group you belong to, but when it is a birthday of your little ones, then the birthday fever is high on air. The demands are also high but what would be better than gifting cupcakes on your kid’s birthday.  Kids do not handle cakes delicately as the adults do; hence it is preferable to bring a bunch of cupcakes for making the occasion a fulfilled gala event.

But many a time’s kids are bored of simple cupcakes hence to make the cupcake delicious it is ideal to add a printed topper on it. One such special cupcake topper manufactured by Edible Prints on Cake is Minecraft cupcake toppers.

Edible Prints on Cake is a top provider of tailored printed edible cake toppers for almost all occasions. Edible cake toppers are an ideal way of decorating the cake and giving it a more personalized touch with the option of providing a custom message on top. The toppers come with different characters printed on it with varying colors, prints and patterns.

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers An Ideal Choice For Your Kiddos Birthday

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. Now a day’s Minecraft deals in a lot of merchandise such as apparels, toys and now many companies are manufacturing cake and cupcake toppers based on the theme of Minecraft.

Minecraft cupcake and its everlasting impression:

  • Cute and lustrous to look: Cupcakes with Minecraft characters on it look vibrant and are super cute. They look very appetizing and keep the kids amused throughout the celebration.
  • Tastes Delectable: The flavour of the topper is awesome and tickles everyone’s taste buds. The texture and the various flavors used to make the Minecraft print tastes very appetizing. The flavors completely blend in the mouth, and one cannot simply avoid munching the cupcakes.
  • Makes the celebration a gala event: When the Minecraft themed cupcakes are introduced at the birthday event of your child then it will make the occasion a memorable one. As we all know kids are very fond of video games and toys and Minecraft deals in both of them, no wonder you can hear the kids sharing their stories and fulfilled memories.
  • Safe for consumption: The cupcake toppers are absolutely edible and safe for consumption. They are free from Kosher and allergens. Further, the ink and the material used in manufacturing the product are approved by the FDA.
  • Easy to use: The cake topper is absolutely easy to use. One only needs to peel off the backing and place it gently on a frosted cake. The moisture on the cake will absorb the print, and the cupcakes are perfectly ready to set a benchmark for your party. They further come with a shelf-life of 12 months if stored in a tampered proof bag.


Minecraft characters based cupcake topper forms a perfect treat at any occasions. Further personalising it with a message makes it a memorable moment for your near and dear ones. You would not be surprised to know that the guests will appreciate your concept and you will get many praises.
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