Surprise Your Spouse with Personalized Birthday Cake Topper

Surprise Your Spouse with Personalized Birthday Cake Topper

Cake makes every occasion delightful, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a bachelor’s party or even a business inauguration.  Every occasion has its value and among all birthdays holds a real charm in celebration. We know how much-excited anyone might be to surprise their beloved ones in their birthdays and a themed cake makes the celebration a never-ending memory.

Gift your lady love a personalized birthday cake topper on her birthday and see the twinkle in her eyes and the never-ending smile on her face. Let the love in her for you speak through her eyes. Such a sweet gesture of her for you will touch your heart. The event will be a gala event with all the guests applauding at the celebration. There is no need of much pomp and show as the cake with the amazing topper of your spouse’s choice will catch everyone’s attention and keep everyone’s eyes glued to it. The flavors are amazing and melt in the mouth.

Edible prints on the cake have many such personalized birthday cake topper to choose from that will take the celebration to the very next level. No matter what occasion it is there are plenty of options to choose from.

The cake toppers we sell are printed on the frosting sheet and are free from any allergen and kosher. The cake topper is made out of edible ink and is approved by the FDA.

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Why choose personalized birthday cake topper from edible prints on the cake:

  • Adds a personalized touch to the cake:The cake topper from edible prints on the cake comes with an option of placing a personalized message on the topper. You can choose the cake topper that matches your occasion by going online and add the customized message on top. When you receive the topper, you will find the message coated on top hence no more worrying about the messy icing on the cake.
  • Safe for consumption: The cake topper is safe for consumption and approved by FDA
  • Easy to apply: The cake topper is printed on a frosting sheet, and all you have to do is bring a freshly frosted cake but not a refrigerated one. Then apply the frosting sheet by peeling off the backing paper from the topper.
  • Rich, lustrous look: The rich, lustrous look of the cake will make anyone fall in love with the cake. The topper manufactured by edible prints on the cake has a rich, velvety feel and colors are eye catchy. No doubt the toppers are real eye candy.


Birthdays come once in a year and to make it a grand affair do not forget to add the element of personalized touch to it by ordering cake toppers from edible prints on the cake. Your lady luck will love the surprise, and the bond between you will grow stronger with every such special occasion. Generally, ladies are fond of their favorite movie characters and fairy tales.
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