Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper- Tips for Making Your Kid’s Birthday Special:

Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper- Tips for Making Your Kid’s Birthday Special:

Is it your little one’s birthday and you and your little ones are highly delighted to make it a gala event.  Then gift your kiddo a Shopkins birthday cake topper.

There are lots of stuff needed to make a birthday celebration special like cakes, balloons, decorations and delicious food. The Cake is the centre of attraction in a birthday celebration which cannot be compromised with although a little adjustment with decoration aspect is fine.

One can think of a lot of topper for a birthday cake but nothing could match the Shopkins birthday cake topper theme.  Your kiddo is going to have a never-ending smile on his face after seeing the cake.

shopkins birthday cake topper

Shopkins birthday topper cake has a blast of colors on it. Shopkins are a collection of tiny little toys that are sold worldwide. They are so popular that you can often find them printed on birthday cakes as a topper.

We at edible Prints on Cake, provide a wide variety of cakes. But among them, Shopkins Cupcake topper is the favorite among customers and the most selling product.  

What makes Shopkins Birthday cake Topper an ideal choice for your Kiddos?

  • Makes the occasion festive:

Shopkin’s birthday cake topper makes the occasion of your little ones memorable since it is filled with vibrant sparkling colors which the kids find very amusing and eye catchy. The print of tiny toys attracts to darkness. Furthermore, they have the print of toys which are favorites among many kids.

  • Delectable to taste:

There is no doubt that cakes are favorites among all age groups.  But for kids, they become simply irresistible. No wonder kids will be eagerly waiting for the moment of cake cutting ceremony so that they could simply munch the cake pieces. The cake is simply delicious to taste and irresistible to look. This cake is going to tickle the taste buds of almost everyone. The cake not only looks good but tastes delectable.

  • Safe to eat:

It is very vital to ensure the quality of the cake before we eat it. Shopkins birthday cake topper comes with a guarantee of being 100% allergen free and its FDA approved.  Hence they are not only good to look at and taste but also assures you that it’s absolutely edible and not prone to any allergic reactions.

  • Eye candy:

The cake is eye candy in itself. It keeps the guests glued to it. Filled with vibrant colors and rich texture this Shopkins birthday cake topper will definitely become the centre of attraction. Nothing can beat the specialty of this cake. This is the best way to delight your kiddos and make their birthday a memorable moment.


Almost all of the cakes that Edible prints on cake offers are irresistible to taste and absolutely edible but among them, Shopkin’s Birthday Cake Topper is our finest delicacy. So whether your kid is a girl or a boy there is no other cake that would fit their level of excitement and this will be the perfect treat for your child on his or her birthday.
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