Make Your Kids Birthday More Happening With Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers

In every family kid’s are the fun elements in the home. No doubt kids are notorious and fickle minded, yet are very adorable. The little naughtiness in kids is what keeps the spark alive and makes the house a home.

Birthdays come to every year and with each growing age the taste of the little one’s also changes but what does not change is the interest for cakes and cupcake.

Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers

Kids are very fond of bakery items especially the nicely decorated frosted cakes. But unlike the traditional cakes with heavy icing that are messy to manage many parents prefer custom edible cupcake toppers.

Why prefer Custom Edible Cup Cake Toppers from EPOC?          

Adds an element of excitement: 

A nicely decorated cupcake with a customized topper on it adds an element of excitement to the party. Order a cupcake topper with the image of your child from EPOC and place it on a freshly frosted cupcake. No doubt your little champ will jump out of joy.

Less Messy:

The cupcake toppers are easy to handle for the kids. The cupcake toppers ordered from EPOC comes as prints that not only look ambrosial but are also easy to handle, unlike the traditional icing.

Easy to Apply:

The cupcake toppers are easy to apply. All you have to do is peel off the backing from the sheet and place it gently on the freshly frosted cake.

The element of Personalization:

The cupcake toppers provided by EPOC allows adding an element of personalization to the cupcakes. All you have to do is visit online and quote the message you want to get it printed on the cupcake.

Edible: Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the image are edible and free from any allergen. Further, both are approved by the FDA.

Many themes: The cupcake toppers and cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are available in a variety of themes to serve different occasions. The toppers are ideal for birthdays, business inaugurations, anniversaries, Convocation days or just any special occasion you can think of.

Treat to Eyes: The cupcake toppers and cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are eye candy. Coming in a wide variety of print, colors, and designs, the toppers look lustrous and keep everyone’s eyes glued to it. In short, they form the center of attraction in any occasion.

EconomicalThe cupcake toppers and cake toppers manufactured by EPOC comes with a shelf life of twelve months.  The only condition remains they should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.   

Copy Right: The photos provided for printing the toppers are preserved by copyright. Hence you can remain to rest assured that the cake and cupcake toppers will be manufactured solely for your use and EPOC will not sell it for any commercial purpose.


No matter what occasion you want to celebrate we at EPOC bring before you a wide range of toppers to make your celebration a happening one. You can choose from our available topper designs or order your own custom edible cupcake topper.

We are ready to serve you anytime!

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