Make Your Fathers Birthday Celebration Special with Printed Cake Image

Birthdays are special. We still remember how special our parents used to make us feel about our birthdays. The pomp and show organized by our parents by saving something on the month’s end and all the merrymaking together. Our parents still surprise us in many ways on our birthdays. So now when our parents have turned older, and we are no more kids, why not make their birthdays special. So if it is your father’s birthday and you want to make it a gala event. You simply cannot miss the cake.

A nicely decorated cake of your dad’s favorite theme will make him feel special. Some wall decoration and soothing music along with the cake can make a simple party a festive occasion.

The current trends on cakes which you would like to explore are the printed cake images.

Edible Prints On Cake are now selling cake toppers with dozens of different themes. Pick up one of your father’s choice. Printed cake images are immensely popular due to their ability to add a personalized touch.

Why prefer EPOC for choosing Printed Cake Images?

• Edible: All the toppers sold by EPOC are safe for consumption. The topper uses frosting sheet for printing the image which is free from Kosher and any allergen. The ink used for printing the image is also edible and approved by FDA.

• Treat to Eyes: The toppers are an absolute treat to eyes and look mouth-watering. EPOC has a wide variety of designs of cake toppers. The toppers form the center of attraction and keep everyone’s eyes hooked to it.

• Available in different sizes: The toppers come in different sizes and also could be cut into different shapes fitting into the requirement of the cake type and sizes.

• A wide variety of themes: The toppers manufactured by EPOC come in wide range or variety and suiting different themes. EPOC manufactures cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, business inaugurations, etc.

• Economical: The cake toppers sold by EPOC are quite economical as it comes with a shelf-life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof away from direct heat and light.

• Applying the cake topper: The cake topper can be applied to any cake, but one with fondant and freshly frosted ones are the best. Gently peel off the backing of the frosted sheet and lay it gently on the freshly frosted cake.

Tips and tricks:

• Generally, all toppers sold by EPOC come with a shelf life of twelve months if stored properly. But suppose on exposure to air if it turns brittle, brings back to normal by blowing the back side of the frosting sheet with a blow dryer. Leave it for some time and apply it on a freshly frosted cake.

• Never refrigerate the cake upon which you will apply the printed topper and if you have done so, keep it outside at room temperature for some time. Else it will lead to the formation of misty dew drops on the cake topper.


EPOC has a wide variety of printed cake images to suit any celebration. It is high on trend nowadays as an element of cake decoration being simple and easy to apply and handle. Unlike the cakes with heavy icing that are difficult and messy to handle.

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