Make the Celebration More Happening with Edible Images for Cakes

Cakes are the center of attraction for any celebrations; let it be birthdays, anniversaries, business inauguration or just a small get-together. Whenever any party is hosted the first thing upon which our eyes are set is a cake.

A nicely decorated cake makes any celebration a happening one and keeps everyone’s eyes glued to it.

Many versatilities and varieties are available in cakes. But buyers now prefer edible images for cakes due to many reasons. Unlike traditional cakes, the cakes coming with images are less messy and easy to handle. Again such cakes are not only edible but are available in a wide variety of themes suiting almost every occasion.

We at EPOC have a wide range of edible images for cakes. The cake toppers, we manufacture are edible and are eye candy.

Why buy edible images for cakes from EPOC?

• Edible Images for cakes manufactured by us are not only good to look at but are free from Kosher and any allergen. We use frosting sheets to manufacture our topper and the inks we use for printing the images are also edible and approved by the FDA.

• The frosting sheets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and could be cut into different shapes to fit in the shape of any cake.

• Personalization option is also available with EPOC. When we quote a message for our beloved ones, it makes them feel very special, and the occasional becomes emotional. Suppose if your mom is angry with you, bring a nice topper she likes and quote an apologizing message on it. Trust us it will melt her heart.

• Almost all age group have an inclination towards printed cake toppers. Kids are very fond of the printed toppers and excited to find such decorated cakes on birthdays. Gift your little champ a cake with a printed topper of his favorite cartoon and see the delight on his face. Similarly if it's your marriage anniversary, gift a cake with the print of your spouse’s favorite theme and see the love in her eyes for you again.

• The edible cake images are easy to apply to the cake. All you need is a printed cake topper and a freshly frosted cake. The frosting sheet comes with a backing, and all you need to do is peel off the backing sheet and apply on a freshly frosted cake.

• The edible cake images are very economical coming with a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and direct light.

• At EPOC we welcome you to design your cake topper based on your theme.


We have plenty of cakes toppers suiting almost all the themes at EPOC. Pick up any cake topper suiting your theme and take the celebration to the next level. When you have such attractive cakes with printed images on it, even a minor decoration works as the whole focus goes on the cake.

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