Edible Images for Cakes: An Treasured Cake Decor Idea

Edible Images for Cakes: An Treasured Cake Decor Idea

People love to see their names on cakes, just imagine the level of excitement after getting a cake with a picture or special wishes or personalized messages. This is one of the trending concepts that have a huge tendency of bringing a SMILE on any face. These custom edible images for cakes are pasted or placed precisely to take any celebration to next level. There are special bakeries that deal with such supplies as Edible Prints on Cake!

Edible images for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are printed on special printers with the use of edible ink. These advanced devices are made to craft great images with a high pixel for clarity. The bakeries with this feature ensure that the cake is edible and looks extraordinary. These pictures are printed on icing sheet with FDA approved inks to keep aside worries. These are specially printed on white sheets to enhance the appearance of the image and are a product of modern technological advancements.

custom edible images for cakes

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on the right theme, but with the incredible option of edible printed images, themes or photograph is no more a matter of worry. Custom edible images can now include professionally photographed pictures, celebrities, copyrighted photos, cartoons, or any other image that you want to get imprinted on your Cake or cupcake.

Some occasions where custom edible images for cakes will work wonders:

Birthday: If you are all set to throw a birthday party for your loved ones, it’s not easy to consider a usual cake and express your emotions. To increase the happiness and amusement, it’s interesting to prepare an interesting cake for the birthday. Switching to the option of customized cake is the best mode to beautify the emotion and convey your love in the most beautiful way. With an edible image for cake, you can print a photograph or just make a collage and print it on the cake of your loved one's birthday party.

Anniversary: This is another special occasion that adds to your memory lane over-joyed and humble moments. It’s the time to celebrate the presence of your soul mate for being on your side as the best support system. Hence, to convey your love and respect, pick a unique picture of your togetherness and create a beautiful cake. Craft the image on the cake with beautiful images of your loved moments and let your partner feel that you’re his/her WORLD!

Farewell: This is a moment of both joy and sorrow where your colleague or friend leaves you and moves ahead to start a new phase of life. So, to cherish the prior memories and wish him/her good luck for the future ahead, you organize a small party and cake to capture some last cherished moments with the fellow friend. To make the scene of separation a bit interesting, you can try custom edible images for cakes and complete the cake with some colorful moments or special quotes or special moments.

With the idea of print an image on cake, it has a perfect essence of turning a simple day into a treasured one. No more worries on the misplace gift or not-so-good gift rather be glad of the cake you have chosen for the celebratory moment!

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