Edible Image Ideas for Cakes Toppings

The cake toppings and icings are the real heroes when it comes to cake decorations. Without them, the cake is just like baked bread. The toppings give a finishing look to it. But, many have to make do with the same, custom made toppings from the shop, which neither do justice to the occasions nor reflect their personal taste. That is where edible images for cakes of your choice can make any event exciting and personalised.

Edible Image Ideas for Cakes Toppings

Imagine putting a photo of your child on the cake on their birthday. How delighted they will be. On top of that the images are edible - a beautiful, safe and edible part of the cake. 

Here are some edible image ideas for your cake: 

  1. Your own image

With the latest printing technology, you can have any photo printed as cake toppings. Whether it's a picture of a fond memory or anything that you like, you can create your own personalised cake with it. Children especially love elaborately decorated cakes. What is a better way to make their cake more fun than putting an edible image of their own self? 

  1. Image of your favourite cartoon characters

Once again, children love cartoons and when you put the image of their favourite cartoon character on the cake, they will be really happy about it. There are varieties of options when it comes to edible images of popular cartoon characters. They come in different designs and makes and will add a touch of humour and fun to the cake. 

  1. Edible Image of favourite movie

Everything doesn't have to be cartoony. You can have an edible image of your favourite spiderman movie as a cake topper. Whether it's your birthday or your child's or a friend’s who loves Spiderman movie, a cake with a topper of a favourite movie will personalise it. There are numerous options when it comes movie posters and characters images. You can either choose from the custom list or request your own favourite image. 

Using edible images for cakes is one of the best ways of making an occasion a personalised affair. Now, you don't have to put up with boring and cliche cake toppings anymore.  

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