Edible Birthday Cake Topper: A Contemporary Cake Decor

Edible Birthday Cake Topper: A Contemporary Cake Decor

A special occasion like birthday cannot be thought of without the presence of a cake. A well-decorated cake can enhance the aura of the occasion and make it one of the most talked about affairs. With the innumerable options of cake decor; it might put you in a fix to pick the best. Back in the day, the only thing that was to be considered was the flavor. However, with time, the gradual evolution in cake designs has been able to display some wonderful ideas and themes, resulting in the edible birthday cake topper.

edible birthday cake topper

There is a certain allure involved with the idea of edible birthday cake topperIf you are totally smitten by the notion of a personalized edible cake topper and want to get the best for the occasion; rest assured Edible Prints On Cake can deliver you the most wonderful cake decor. We have a wide range of cake designs available in our collection. Exploration of our collection will introduce you to some amazingly latest themes along with some classic ones. In short, you can have just any kind of cake decor you want!

Here are some of the reasons why edible birthday cake toppers are preferred over the traditional kinds:

Cake decor in a jiffy

The traditional cake is a complete passe now. The emergence of edible cake toppers has gloriously taken over the idea of basic cake decor. Nevertheless, decorating cakes were such a tedious affair because one had to prep a lot for the frost and icing and that used to be quite a time-consuming affair. However, now it is the age of edible printed cake images which can easily help you decorate the birthday cake with ease. It hardly takes a few minutes to design an edible birthday cake topper. All you have to do is to peel off the backing from the topper and paste them on the cake. That’s it; your cake decor is ready.

Let your imagination play

With edible cake toppers, there comes a huge opportunity to pick the kind of edible images you want as your cake topper. This just makes it even more interesting and fun. The edible cake toppers will be the derivation of your imagination and desire hence it will reflect an added spark. A basic cake decor surely won’t give you the same charisma.

The edible factor

The fact that edible birthday cake toppers exhibits a beautiful impression and tastes extremely delicious; making it even more desirable. They add a personal touch to the cake and are one of the easiest ways to have an attractive cake for the occasion. The edible cake toppers are printed on the FDA approved frosting sheets and ink. They are also completely allergen free, making them safe to eat. At Edible Prints On Cake, we provide the most quality-filled cake toppers.

The best way to express

A great thing about edible birthday cake toppers is they express the right emotion, feelings, and relevance. Having it will be amazing to make a statement and giving the cake a significant meaning. It will be the right impression of fun, uniqueness, and celebration. We at Edible Prints On Cake display the finest creativity and finesse when it comes to the edible birthday cake decor. So, choose our offerings to make your birthday cake memorable.

Edible cake toppers have certainly changed the way birthday cakes are now designed. It opens up endless ideas for creating the creative best cake decor. What’s more, it looks beautiful and is delicious. With the added benefits of it being a time-saving idea, edible birthday cake toppers are the best to order.



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