Creating your own Cake Decor with Edible Images

Creating your own Cake Decor with Edible Images

When it comes to celebrating an occasion like birthday or anniversary a cake is a must. Cake is one of the popular items for making occasions like birthdays and weddings special. But the usual store bought cakes aren’t that attractive and look the same and repetitive as far as the decor goes.

How about using a personalized cake decor for your loved ones? This sound interesting isn’t? You can create a delicious cake decor to make the occasion and your loved ones.

Here are some of the ways of making a personalized cake decor:

  1. Choose the theme

The first thing you need to do is decide the theme. If it’s the birthday of your child or anyone who you love find out what they like the most? It could be their favorite movie, TV show, character, picture of their very special moment and so many other things. Choose the theme and then you can proceed further to design a personalized cake decor.

  1. Bake a fresh cake

This is the one of the important steps. You need to bake a fresh cake so that everything looks fresh and new. Decorating a freshly baked cake is more inspiring than the store bought cake. You can also design the cake based on the theme. Decide how many layers you want. You can also make a cupcake. A cupcake also looks cute and adorable and very personal.

  1. Edible cake images

This is one of the best and easiest ways to decorate a cake. They are so easy to use. They are available in hundreds of themes ranging from special occasions to popular TV shows to movies to characters and so much more. The best thing is you can order your own edible images for cake. Send the picture of your choice and you can get an edible image as topper for your cake.

  1. Apply the Cake image

The edible cake images are so easy to use. All you have to do is peel off the protective sheet and put the cake topper directly on the freshly baked cake and your care will be ready in a minute. You will not need any kind of decoration after that.

Using edible images of cake is one of the best ways to decorate cake. They are super easy, long lasting and eye-catching. 

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