Celebrate Your Parents Birthday with Edible Birthday Cake Topper from EPOC

We all know how much our parents have sacrificed for us. They left no stones unturned to give us the utmost happiness and comfort in our life. We all remember how special they have made us feel in our birthdays every year. So now when we have grown up, it is our time to make our parent’s birthday special.

No matter how much delicacies and decorations you make for birthdays but like every occasion birthdays are incomplete without cakes. Whenever you call guests for your birthday; the first thing anyone looks for is a nicely decorated cake.

Nowadays many customers prefer printed edible birthday cake topper unlike the traditional cakes with messy icing.

Why buy Edible Birthday Cake Topper from EPOC?

  • Edible: cake toppers bought from EPOC are free from any allergen and kosher. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing are approved by the FDA. The cake toppers are even safe for toddlers to consume.
  • Eye Candy: The cake toppers ordered from EPOC are real eye candy. The prints and the colours used on the cake toppers look lustrous and vibrant. The topper is a real treat to eyes.
  • Various themes: The cake toppers are designed to suit various themes and could make any occasion special.
  • Personalization: The cake topper comes with an element of personalization. Now you can get trendy quotes on cake toppers while avoiding the messy icing used for quoting a message.
  • Economical: The cake toppers ordered from EPOC are very economical since it comes with a shelf life of twelve months. The only condition being it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.
  • Shapes and Sizes: The cake toppers we offer are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One could also cut the cake topper to fit into the requirement of the cakes.
  • Affordable: The edible cake toppers we offer are easy on your pockets. We offer the best quality cake toppers at an affordable price.

 Try the customized cake Topper:  

We at EPOC are ready to serve our customers at our best. Whether you are looking for a simple sprinkle of color or a vibrant, colorful cake topper, we design cake toppers and cupcake toppers accordingly.  We design the best cake toppers according to our client’s requirement.

Although we have plenty of cake toppers that would match most of the themes and moods of the clients still we keep the option of customizing the cake toppers according to the requirement of our clients open. 


We at EPOC have designed edible printed cake toppers for all kinds of occasions. Again the edible cake toppers are easy to apply on a cake. All you have to do is peel off the backing from the frosting sheet and apply it on a freshly frosted cake.  So why worry about the heavy icing that is difficult to handle. Place your order now!
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