Celebrate Your Kids Birthday with Edible Birthday Cake Topper

Birthdays are always special! But when it is the birthday of your child, the birthday fever is high up in the air almost a month’s before. Kids are adorable and are curious little munchkins.

So, if you are ordering a cake for your kid’s birthday. It is wise enough to know their taste and preferences as the little ones is an expert in throwing tantrums.

Kids, especially the boys, are fond of cartoon characters and superheroes. So, one can delight his/ her son by ordering a cartoon or superhero-themed cake.

When you pick up a nice delectable looking edible birthday cake topper for your baked or frosted cake, then even minor decoration work can make the party a happening one!

Nowadays printed edible cake toppers are the hottest trend in the cake world.

So, if you are looking for edible cake topper to pop on top of a freshly frosted cake, then the best option would be EPOC.

Edible Birthday Cake Topper

Why buy Cake Toppers from EPOC?

  • Edible:

All the cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible and free from Kosher and allergen. Both the frosting sheet and the edible ink used for manufacturing the cake are approved by the FDA.

  • Eye candy:

The cake toppers we manufacture are a perfect treat to eyes. The topper looks delectable and keeps all eyes hooked to it.

It has an amazing taste and serves everyone’s palate. 

  • Variety:

There are wide varieties of cake and cupcake toppers available with EPOC. Cake toppers are available for almost all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, convocation day and business inauguration. In short, EPOC manufactures cake toppers for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Easy to apply:

The cake toppers are extremely easy to apply. All you have to do is pull off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and pop it on top of the freshly frosted cake. 

  • Economical:

The cake toppers are available at an economical price. Further, they come with a shelf life of twelve months with condition underlying it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.

  • Customization:

We are open to manufacturing customized cake toppers as per our client’s requirement. All you have to do is visit our site and send us the image that you would like to appear on top of the cake topper. We further assure you that there won’t be any copyright infringement from our end. 

  • Personalization:

We provide you with an option of adding a personalized message on your cake topper. All you have to do is visit our site and quote the message that you would want to appear on the topper.


We at EPOC have cake toppers for almost all occasions. No matter whether you are fond of vibrant colors or light sprinkle of colors on your toppers, we at EPOC have a huge collection to satiate everyone’s taste and preference. Further, our printed cake toppers are not messy like the traditional cakes coming with heavy icing!

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