Celebrate Your Kid’s Sports Day Victory with Mine Craft Cupcake Toppers

Sports days are full of fun, exhaustion and sometimes emotional. No matter whether one win’s or loose but the sportsman spirit should always triumph. But kids take the win or lose moment quite seriously. At one end you will find a team bursting with happiness, and on the other end, you will find kids sobbing in their parent's lap. But after all, kids behave as per their age.

So, if your kid has won in the school sports competition and is demanding a small party, you must not step back. It is the ideal way to encourage your child and his team. Never forget to call your kids opponent team in the party as well since it will promote fraternity among kids.

The best way to host a small yet happening party is by ordering mine craft cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake. The cupcakes with some pop music will make the kids forget the bitterness and enjoy merrymaking together.

mine craft cupcake toppers

What is mine craft?

Mine craft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and released by Mojang in 2011.

Why buy mine craft cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake?

Safe for consumption: Almost all of the cakes and cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC are safe for consumption. It is free from Kosher and allergen and both the ink and the frosting paper used for making the prints are approved by the FDA.

Eye Candy: The cupcake toppers look lustrous and are an absolute treat for eyes. The mine craft characters printed on the topper glitters as the light falls on it and keeps everyone hooked to it.

Personalization: The best part of EPOC is the personalization factor it offers. It is quite obvious that everyone likes to read the little personalized message on the cake toppers or cupcake toppers dedicated to them by the beloved ones. All you have to do is visit our site online and add the little personalized message on it.

Easy to apply: The cupcake toppers are quite easy to apply. All you need is freshly frosted cupcakes. You have to peel off the backing sheet from the topper and place it gently on the cupcake. The frosting sheet will get absorbed in the cake while the prints will remain intact.

Long life: The cake or cupcake toppers come with a long shelf life of 12 months if stored in a tampered proof bag away from direct light and heat.

Suitable for all themes: EPOC designs cupcake toppers for all themes. The mine craft cupcake topper itself has numerous varieties of prints.


No matter whichever occasions it is EPOC has cakes and cupcake toppers suiting to all themes and occasion. Whether it is marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days or business inaugurations we are all ready to delight you. Moreover, the printed images on cakes topple the traditional icing on the cake as the second are messier and troublesome.

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