Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday with Custom Edible Images for Cakes from EPOC

Are you planning something special on your kid’s birthday but pondering about what to buy? No matter whatever gifts you buy but cakes will always dominate the scene. Cakes are the major attractions at parties, especially when it is a birthday. Whenever we go to any birthday party, the first thing that catches our attention is a nicely decorated cake.

If you are thinking about something quick and easy to pop on top of your cake, then bring home custom edible images for cakes from EPOC. The kids will fall in love at first sight of the delectable cake. Many themes are available suiting the taste of the kids like cartoons, or superheroes from movies.

custom edible cupcake toppers

Similarly, if you want cupcakes, then you can get custom edible cupcake toppers from EPOC. Like cake toppers, the printed cupcake toppers also come in a wide variety of themes and suit every occasion.

Why buy custom edible images for cakes from EPOC?

  • Treat to eyes:

    The custom edible images for cakes are an absolute treat to eyes. The toppers have a rich glossy look and keep everyone eyes hooked to it.
  • Ambrosial yet Edible:

    The cake toppers are edible and free from any Kosher and allergen. Again both the frosting sheet and ink used for printing the image are approved by the FDA.
  • Economical:

    The topper comes with a shelf life of twelve months, but the condition applies that the topper should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from sunlight and heat, else it will lose its fine texture.
  • Easy to Apply:

    The cake topper is easy to apply to the cake. All you need is a freshly frosted cake. Gently remove the back sheet of the printed cake topper and place it gently on the cake. The frosting sheet will get absorbed in the cake, while the prints will remain intact.
  • Personalization:

    Another attractive aspect that comes with the topper is the personalization option. All you have to do is visit the site and quote the message you want on top of the cake. The topper will have a nicely printed message on top of the cake. You can avoid the messy icing for printing as seen on top of the traditional cakes.
  • Copyright Notice:

    Another important factor why you should buy your topper from EPOC is due to the assurance of prevention of Copyright infringement. No matter whatever image you give us for printing on your cake topper you can remain rest assured that it won’t be used for any other client. Your images will solely remain your personal property.
  • Suits all themes:

    The custom cake toppers available with EPOC suit all themes. No matter whether it is a birthday, anniversary, convocation day, etc. We have cake toppers suiting a wide variety of themes, taste, and mood.


Custom edible images for cake suit a wide variety of themes and occasions. The cake topper comes in a wide variety of colors some are vibrant while some are plain with little colors. Again the cake topper can be cut in shapes to fit in the size requirement of your cake. Hurry up!

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