Celebrate your House-Warming Party with Custom Edible Images for Cakes

Buying a house is one of our major investments. It is like a dream come true for many of us! So finally when you are super excited since you have achieved one of the biggest goals of life, now it is time to celebrate. Not only you but also your near and dear ones, including your family, relatives, and neighbors, are super excited about your new purchase.

But like every occasion, it too demands a cake. A nicely decorated cake will catch everyone’s attention and will keep the guests hooked to it, so even a minor decoration will work.

Many of us are fond of cakes and cupcakes so it will serve as a nice delicacy both before and after the party.

Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers

Nowadays printed cakes and cupcake topper are trendsetters and liked by many of us.

Further, you can surprise your guests by making your own cake. The best idea would be to buy a freshly frosted cake and layer it with a custom edible image for the cake of your choice that you can order from EPOC.

The reason being it will reflect your taste. All you have to do is visit the site of EPOC and attach the image you would like to appear on the topper.

Why prefer EPOC to buy cake Toppers?

  • Edible:As the name insists the cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible. Both the frosting sheet and the ink used for printing the toppers are free from Kosher and allergen and are approved by the FDA.

  • Variety:EPOC has an extensive collection of cake toppers. Cake and cupcake toppers are available for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, business inauguration. In short, cake toppers are available for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Personalization: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC come with an element of personalization. You can quote any message that you would like to appear on top of the cake topper. All you need is to visit our site and quote the message.
  • Copy right Assurance: We are highly ethical and ensure there is no copyright infringement. So you can send us an image of your choice and get it printed on the topper and remain rest assured.
  • Economical: The toppers you order from EPOC have a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition lies it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.

  • Easy to apply:The cake topper is easy to apply all you have to do is peel off the backing layer of the frosting sheet and lay it on top of a freshly frosted cake.


One can also order custom edible cupcake toppers from EPOC if you want to decorate cupcakes for the special occasion. The cupcakes will be idle if there are kids on occasion. Get well-decorated cakes and cupcakes that too without heavy icing by ordering from EPOC.

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