Celebrate Your Graduation Day with Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers from (EPOC)

Celebrate Your Graduation Day with Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers from (EPOC)

When the graduation days are finally over and it is the moment you are celebrating your convocation day with your dear ones. For sure with all the pomp and show what stands out and forms the center of attraction are the custom edible cupcake toppers. We all know how much we enjoyed our graduation days and want to cherish the memories until we are alive. Many turned couples from friends only, to many best friends forever.

Almost all of us have enjoyed the graduation days to the fullest, from bunking of classes to the fun-filled trips to some iconic destinations. Graduation days are unforgettable since soon some are going to be hitched; some will turn entrepreneurs’ and some corporate employees. Even the bookworms are going to miss the graduation days for sure.


Celebrations on the high end with custom cake toppers

When the convocation day is high with a grand party, the custom cupcake toppers are the best delicacies to be served. Coming in a wide variety of themes you can get a lot of edible print to suit every personality. One cannot imagine the fun-filled memories and the way it gels well.

Edible prints on the cake have years of experience in manufacturing the custom edible cupcake toppers and cake toppers.

Why prefer cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake?

Safe for consumption: Custom edible cupcake toppers manufactured by Edible Prints on Cake is safe for consumption and approved by FDA and hundred percent free from Kosher and allergen.

Versatility: EPOC brings in a wide variety of options in cake and cupcake toppers to choose from. One can choose any cupcake matching the theme and personality.

Color and Texture:  The toppers produced by EPOC look simply irresistible with rich texture and color and are a treat to the eyes.

Easy to apply: The toppers are printed on frosting sheets and hence come with an advantage of easy application. All you need to do is peel off the backing paper from the sheet and place it gently on the freshly frosted cake. Moreover, instructions are available on every order.

Personalization: The cupcake toppers or cake toppers come with an option of personalization on the topper. You can print any personalized message on the topper by visiting our site online. Such personalized messages create a warm and fun-filled aura on any occasion.

Tips and tricks:

  • Shelf Life: The cupcake topper came with a shelf life of twelve months if stored in a tamper-proof bag and stored away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Keep the frosted cupcake out of fridge: Avoid putting a freshly frosted cake in a fridge and if you have already placed in fridge bring it out of fridge and leave it out for sometime before you put the edible printed topper on it else it results in the formation of dew drops on the prints and the topper seems to fade away.


 No matter whatever occasion, the cupcakes are the ideal options for delicacies and almost all age groups love to grab a bite. Moreover, cupcakes with printed toppers on it catch anyone’s attention and further EPOC has numerous designs to offer.

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