Celebrate Your Brother’s Birthday with Call of Duty Cake Topper-EPOC

Birthdays are special. But when you are hosting a birthday party for your dear one, you want to add every fine detail to make the birthday bash an unforgettable one.

It is lucky to have siblings in your family. But when it comes to a brother and sister relationship, we can say it is one of the best bonding ever shared. Although brothers are sometimes notorious yet they are very protective.

 So, if you are hosting a birthday party for your brother, no matter how much decoration you make but if the cake party is missing, then it will make the celebration dull.

It happens with almost all of us that whenever we visit any birthday party, the very first thing we would try to spot is a nicely decorated cake.

A well-presented cake with a superb toping on it keeps everyone’s eyes hooked to it.

call of duty cake topper

No doubt, our brothers are little superheroes by birth. So if you are looking to gift a superhero themed cake then call of duty cake topper ordered from EPOC would be an ideal choice.

What is Call of Duty?

Call of duty is a first-person shooter video game that depicts various war-related themes while playing the game. It gives a feel of a soldier to the one playing the game.

Why buy Cake Toppers from EPOC?

  • Edible: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are edible. Both the frosting sheets and the ink used for designing the prints are approved by the FDA.
  • Easy to Apply: The cake topper is extremely easy to pop on top of a freshly frosted cake. All you need is remove the backing cover of the frosting sheet and lay it gently on top of a freshly frosted cake.
  • Personalization: The cake topper comes with the option of personalization. Now you can quote any message on top of the topper and that too in a crisp way without being messy like the traditional icing. All you need to do is visit our site online and quote the message you want to appear on the topper.
  • Economical: The cake toppers ordered from EPOC are quite economical as they have a shelf-life of twelve months. But the condition that applies is it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and light.
  • Wide variety of themes: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC comes in a wide variety of themes like birthdays, anniversaries, business inaugurations, and convocation days as well.
  • Ambrosial: The cake toppers manufactured by EPOC are a real treat to eyes. Available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs, it suits everyone’s taste and mood. The toppers have a rich lustrous and velvety look.


Nowadays there is a great demand for printed cake toppers. The reason being it is easy to apply and handle and are not messy like the traditional cakes with heavy icing. Again call of duty cupcake toppers would be ideal for the occasion where kids are involved. The reason being the little cupcake with printed toppers would be easy for these munchkins to handle.
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