Bring Home Call of Duty Cupcake Toppers on Your Kids Graduation Day

Bring Home Call of Duty Cupcake Toppers on Your Kids Graduation Day

Kids are very fond of celebrations whether it is birthdays or just any other day, the demands are unlimited. One such occasion when kids are on a very high spirit is their graduation or class promotion day. So why not treat your little champs when they excelled so well. It is an ideal way to keep the kid’s motivated year along.

So if you are planning to surprise your kids on the graduation day, cupcake toppers with the call of duty theme are the best. The reason being kids are quite fond of video games.

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise that has evolved and has many versions of it. Many merchandise items are now being sold under the franchise like comic books, apparels, and toys. Some cake topper designers have started using the theme as prints on the cake.

call of duty cupcake toppers

Edible Prints on Cake sells many printed toppers for cakes and cupcakes and one such being the call of duty cupcake toppers.

The topper looks thrilling with the printed images of soldiers in action on it, all set to excite the little munchkins and even the adults.

The cupcake topper is printed on a frosting sheet and the ink used for printing is edible and free from Kosher and any allergen.

Why buy call of duty cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake?

The element of personalization: EPOC allows you to personalize your cake and add an element of love and fun to your cake toppers. You need to visit the website and click on the topper and quote the message you want to get printed on cupcakes. It removes a lot of hassles and messy work like icing the cake with the cream.

Easy to apply: EPOC toppers are easy to apply on the cupcakes and cakes since the topper is printed on a frosting sheet. All you have to do is remove the back portion of the sheet and lay it gently on the freshly frosted cupcake.

Ideal for any occasion: Toppers designed by EPOC are ideal for any occasion be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, business inauguration days, etc.

Cute to see and easy to handle: Cupcake toppers not only make the cupcake appealing but also makes it easy for the munchkins to handle and eat with ease, unlike the cakes. Kids are often seen being messy with larger cakes.

Safe for consumption:  Cupcake toppers and cake toppers designed by EPOC are safe for consumption. The ink as well as the frosting sheets used is edible and free from allergen like Kosher and is also approved by the FDA.

Long lifetime:  The cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC come with a shelf life of 12 months if stored in a tamper-proof bag and kept away from light.


No matter whatever occasion you are looking for, EPOC has some of the finest printed cakes topper and cupcakes toppers fitting your theme and occasion. The toppers look lustrous and mouthwatering. You even do not have to worry about the décor as the toppers are the real eye candy and could keep the eyes of guests hooked to it.
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