Best Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers Themes

Best Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers Themes

Cakes are the centre of attraction for every occasion. The idea of custom edible cupcake toppers fascinates many. Having a selfie of oneself printed on the cake and eating it sounds enthralling to almost everyone. Cakes are loved by almost all age groups and are perfect delicacies that anyone would want to munch.

At Edible Prints on the cake, we have custom edible cupcake toppers, custom edible images for cakes to match any occasion and theme. They are Kosher and allergen free and approved by FDA. All cake toppers are visually appealing and taste delectable. No matter what age group you would want to cater to or which occasion would you like to serve, we are always ready to surprise you with our unmatchable cake toppers.

Interesting little facts about edible images:                                       

These cake toppers are printed on a frosting sheet using edible printers especially designed for crafting the cake toppers. Further, the ink used for printing is also absolutely edible.

Events when you can use custom edible cupcake toppers and custom edible images for cakes?

Birthday parties:

 One of the most celebrated occasions, when you can use edible images on cakes, are the birthday parties. Birthdays for different age groups come with different preferences. When it is the birthday of your kiddo, you can gift him a cake with the printed image of his favourite cartoon character. When it is a birthday of your little angel, you can gift her fairy cake themed cake and see the delight on the face of the little ones.


Gift a cake with a topper of a printed image of your beau’s and yourself on your anniversary to see the love in his eyes for you and make the moment a little more romantic and cozy coupled with a candlelight dinner.

If it’s your wedding anniversary, then gift your spouse a cake with an image of your first wedding day and make the moment livelier with guests around complimenting on your theme. Further, the cake forms the centre of attraction, and you will be surprised by praises you will receive from your guests for your choice.

Bachelor party:

When you’re a best friend is going to be hitched and is happily throwing a bachelor party.  What would suit the theme well than gifting him a cake with the printed cake topper of his favourite Hollywood bombshell? With all the boozing and music tracks on, this cake will form the centre of attraction.

Graduation day:

When you have finally graduated and want to make it a gala event with your beloved friends, what would be ideal than getting a printed topper with a collage of your graduation day? You can send us the group photo with a personalised message, and we will provide you with the edible printed cake topper with the same image that you have suggested. The cake will bring back the memories of college days, and many would burst into tears of joy. With all the soft melodies of college songs flowing in the air combined with the cake and other delicacies will make your graduation day unforgettable.


We at edible prints on the cake are waiting to make you every moment special. We have custom cakes to suit all of your themes. They are not only edible but also tastes delectable. Further, placing the topper on the freshly baked or frosted cake is also easy. All you have to do is peel off the back side of your cake and place it on the cake. So now when you know the benefits of ordering the custom printed cakes to match your theme, Order now and make every moment special!

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