An Exclusive Cupcake Decoration Idea for Holiday Goodies

Holiday season are right around the corner, which means holiday cake decoration are finally in sight! If you are planning to decorate your cupcake in a unique way, you're at the right place. Edible Prints on Cake offers the most versatile cupcake topper design for holiday desserts and sweets this year. No matter what, this custom printed cupcake icing sheets make the occasion more personalized and special. 

This modern cupcake decoration turns your Christmas or New Year cupcake into something showtopping, from a simpler caricature to more detailed designs. Take a look at the edible cupcake  toppers benefits: 

Fun printed edible cupcake toppers: Edible cupcake toppers provides a convenient option to decorate the Holiday goodies in a descent way. You won't believe, a wide assortment of cupcake icing sheets are available at Edible Prints on Cake. We have a huge selection of easy to use cake toppers ranging from themes like Jurassic park to Spider man to any other popular themes. If you want to create a themed celebration or just a seasonal desserts for the guests, printed edible cake topper are a fun addition. 

Multi-variant shapes: Design different shapes of cupcakes to impress your guests. Decorate the sumptuous delicacies with rich creamy and flavored decoration. It is the first thing that tempts you and makes you feel awestruck. You can bake cupcakes in squares, round oval or especially star shaped for the Christmas celebrations. However, there are countless ideas to create excellent cupcake. 

Edible color frosting: Printed cupcake decors looks great and especially kids are fond of cupcakes with their favorite cartoon printed on them. These frosting sheets are made with food grade edible inks and colors, that cause no harm to health. Edible cupcake toppers are sheet of icing with picture and message to make your celebration more unique. 

No harmful chemicals added: The Cake image is mainly made up of an edible frosting sheets, these sheets are 100% safe and free from any kind of allergens and kosher.  The inks used for printing images are palatable and are 100 %safe and healthy and FDA approved. You can stay assured for the quality and taste of the icing sheet. 

Longer self life: Cupcake decoration add more pomp and show to the party with its colorful creations. Custom designed cupcake decorations with image and texts will impart more personalized effect. The icing sheets have 12 months of self life when stored in sealed bag at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Basically, you can taste the memories of this year celebration for the next 12 months. 

Easy to custom create and print: Decorating cupcakes is much more than you think. Sometimes the store bought cake topper doesn’t always convey the message you want and can be highly disappointing. With the option of having a personalized cake decoration, You can create custom design, print image, and print text on it. This will make your celebration more unique and impress the guests, as well. 

Easy to use: Edible frosting sheets are easy to use. Simply peel the icing sheet from the backing and lay it on a freshly frosted cake. You can experience a velvety finish and lip-smacking colors over the cupcake. For user convenience, Edible Prints on Cake provides user manual with the order, else you can watch the video instructions to grab an idea. 

The countdown for Christmas and New Year celebration has already started, It's time to make the holidays more bright! Get these beautiful cupcake decorating ideas, and let everyone astonished. Eat, Sleep & Decorate Cupcake!

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