4 Benefits of Buying an Edible Personalized Birthday Cake Topper

Decorating simple birthday cakes with special icing sheet and personalized themes are quite popular these days. More and more, cake enthusiasts prefer the ready-made cake toppings to decorate their birthday cake in no time. Cake toppings are really fabulous; they make a simple cake extraordinary, and add more personality and style to it. A personalized birthday cake topper can make the cake look just like you “Fantastic”.


And it's also true – We eat with our eyes! Next to their taste, our favorite baked creations need to be visually appetizing. There's nothing more appealing than freshly layered cartoon themed topping on cupcake, or an image printed icing sheet on your birthday cake. It really finishes off your baked treats and gives them a delicious and decadent twist.


Think that the cake toppers are non-edible! Think that the non-edible cake decoration could cause you serious health problem! This is pretty serious issue in the cake industry, as eating a non-edible cake topper could result in intestinal distress and gut infection. So, it becomes more important to choose an edible cake topper from Edible Prints on Cake to make the perfect for your big day.


Benefits of Edible Cake Icing Sheets:


Edible Ingredients: The personalized birthday cake topper is made from palatable ingredients. 100% edible floor and sugar are used to prepare edible sheets under a healthy environment, assuring you the right taste and maintained quality. It's smooth, creamy and it keeps its' soft texture – making it easy to cut through.


Natural food coloring: Natural food colors are derived and extracted from plant sources. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and additives to display a colorful affair, whilst affecting your gut and health. The inks used for printing message and images are edible and free from any harmful chemicals. It's completely safe, natural and blended with organic ingredients. You kids can too enjoy the delectable flavor and colors.


No Kosher & Allergen Content: Food allergies affect almost 11% of general population. This is due to fact, that most ready-to-use icing sheet contains kosher and allergen content that affects gut health. However, the edible personalized birthday cake toppers are quite different. The printed cake image and messages are made from finest quality; it does not contain any Kosher or allergen contents.


FDA Approved: Though the edible cake toppers are indeed the best, yet 100% safe and delectable. The frosting sheets are FDA approved, showing a self-life of 12 months or more. Gets the lip smacking cake with exquisite printed cake image designs that arrives fresh and secured with a good protective case at your door step.


As a cake decorator, it is important to decorate a cake which everybody can eat. So be careful about the personalized cake topper that you put on birthday cakes, as it can affect your health and held your responsible for legal sues.

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